30th July 2013

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30 day Challenge for Buffy: Day 12

Day 12 - Favourite Battle/Fight

There are a few fights that really stuck with me:

  • Buffy versus the master 1x12;

Her first big fight that made Buffy realise this was her calling and she could not walk away from it.

She stepped up and faced horrors, with her dying and all, and she was left standing. I think that, while it traumatised her, it also made her stronger. She wasn’t alone. Not entirely. Xander, with no powers of his own, came to help her. Angel came to help her. Willow wanted to help. Giles was willing to take her place in fighting the master. None of the people that had become her friends, were willing to sit idly by as she faced her biggest fight yet. I think this was the moment the scooby gang was truly formed.

  • Buffy versus Angel 2x22-2x23;

This fight as epic because she fought the love of her life. As she realised a season earlier that being a slayer was her calling. She was the one to protect the world and it would take sacrifices. She knew that all along, but this showed it. Besides that, they were both pretty good with the banter back and forth.

But she had to end the life of her big love. She was 17 years old and she made a decision to safe the world instead of her lover. Let’s face it, would that be the choice most 17 year olds would have made?

  • Buffy versus Faith 3x07;

That was the first time they were truly on opposite sides of the fight and it changed the whole dynamic for them. I think it broke something inside Faith to once again be proven wrong. She figured she should never trust anyone again. Not even Buffy.

  • Buffy versus the first 7x22

How could I not mention this one. She was amazing in this fight. As was faith. And all the potentials. Spike sacrificed himself to safe the rest. Anya showed her true colours. Willow was kicking ass with good witchy powers. Dawn and Xander fought. Giles fought.

Everyone was fighting, which in itself made it even more amazing.

Special mention: Xander versus Harmony 4x07;

That was an amazing fight! Such an amazing fit for their characters as well.

There were many more fights of course but I’m trying to keep the list from becoming too long.

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